Express Tire Rotation

Drive with Confidence

Regular tire rotations are an important maintenance service that helps extend the life of your tires and improve performance. Properly maintained tires make for a safer/smoother ride, provide better traction for better steering and overall control of the vehicle, and can optimize your gas mileage.

Tires tend to wear unevenly. The front tires tend to wear on the outside edges because as a vehicle leans during a turn, so does your front tires. The rear tires just follow the front tires so they usually wear more evenly.

Visit our Infiniti retailers to experience the Express Service tire rotation difference. Here are just a few reasons to rotate your tires.

  • Avoid uneven tread wear
  • Increased lifespan of your tires
  • Improved braking
  • Improved handling
Include With Your Oil Change

An Express Service Tire Rotation can be completed along with an Express Service Oil Change and a complimentary multi-point inspection.

No Appointment – No Problem

Feel confident that a factory-trained technician is checking your tires. Drive in today whenever it’s convenient for you. And we’ll have you back on the road quickly while providing reliable service that you can trust.

Increase the Life of Your Tires

Even tread wearing helps your tires last longer which maximizes your investment. The benefits don’t stop there. Tire rotation will balance the handling of your vehicle thus allowing the vehicle to brake more evenly.

Why Rotate Your Tires?

As you drive, the weight of your vehicle shifts, resulting in distinct erosion patterns on each specific tire. By shifting your tires to different areas on your vehicle, you can avoid uneven tread wear.